long form

White Paper

This well researched white paper is aimed at 3PLs, Contract Packagers/Manufacturers and Corrugators looking to unify their production lines, materials, and labor activities with the rest of their systems.


The purpose of this White Paper is to position Nulogy along-side ERPs as allies, specialized to solve a specific problem, and provide specific capabilities, that when combined with an ERP system compliment and make the shift to a hybrid, agile digital supply chain possible.


The copy of this step by step guide was completely overhauled from an older version that pitched the product more often than it educated the reader on how to fix their membership renewal rates. The update added an executive summary, descriptive chapter titles, refreshed layout, and branding update.


It starts by identifying the visible business pains that the 'Mary Membership' persona's nonprofit is likely experiencing, and connects them to the (likely invisible) unmet needs of the persona. From there, the guide gives practical, actionable instructions on how to solve the business pain and get the persona's needs met. It ends with a straight-forward pitch of the product as a viable solution. 


This long form project was unfortunately abandoned before completion. Sales was struggling with a large gap due to a lack of context and misalignment among less sophisticated prospects on how Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions worked and what made Nulogy's solution different from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions like SAP.


This eBook was designed to be a vehicle to establish the 'Perfect Order Network' messaging architecture while showing prospects what they could expect in a Nulogy Sales cycle, and educating them on SaaS technology solutions.

E-book Plan