Matthew Baggetta

Full-funnel content marketer and editor with a passion for crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs and whatever the metaverse becomes


Hi, I'm Matthew.

I love helping organizations master their buyer's journey and create strategic content plans that achieve measurable business outcomes.

​I'm best at wrangling big ideas into digestible chunks of high-impact, evergreen content and turning complex initiatives into smooth-running projects.

I'm at home creating and executing full-funnel content strategies that generate organic traffic, leads, conversions, and ultimately, impact ROI. I'm also known for my ability to connect with and inspire people to do their best work.  I love to lean into problems and am always looking for data-driven, unconventional, effective solutions.

Great content must understand and address its audience's unmet needs and help them learn, grow or find inspiration. If it can’t, it risks being lost in anonymity–hidden from meaningful ROI impact. 


I get a lot out of helping others develop and grow as individuals, and professionals, and am continuously working on developing myself and learning from my reports, peers, and leaders.

Thanks for stopping by!


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My story so far...

I was born and raised in Toronto, but have lived in words for as long as I can remember. 

I earned two degrees in English (Hons. B.A and M.A.) and started a third–a Ph.D. in English while working nights as a DJ and barback in downtown Toronto. 


Soon after starting my Ph.D., I realized that the things I thought mattered and what actually mattered, were quite different. After one year of my doctorate, I decided to leave academia (and a spiralling student debt) behind, to marry my sweetheart and have kids. But first, I had to find a career that could sustain a family.

So I repurposed my academic training as a writer, researcher, and educator and grew into a well-rounded content marketing professional. My path has led me to work on marketing teams at some of Toronto's fastest growing B2B SaaS tech companies. 


Just as the pandemic started and the economy tanked, my son was born.

Looking for ways to hedge against inflation and provide for my kid's future, I bought some BTC and ETH and put it in a hardware wallet. I experimented with DeFi, traded NFTs, bridged assets off Ethereum to Avalanche, BSC, and Polygon, got an airdrop, yield farmed, got wrecked, lurked Discord servers and obscure Telegram channels, all in pursuit of learning... and alpha.

What I found was a terrible need for high quality crypto content.


Save a few large crypto pubs, most of the top-ranked content found on Google SERPs is poorly written, confusing, or shilling something. So my mission – and the focus of my creativity, skills, energy and content marketing experience – has become: to create informed, helpful and high quality crypto content for the broadest audience possible.

Crypto is the future. It is transforming the world in ways most can't yet grasp. I want to help people educate themselves, so they can achieve financial sovereignty in their lifetime.

It's been an adventure getting to today, and tomorrow looks brighter than ever. Onwards!

Last Update: April 2022


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